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Psychology is a clinical specialty that diagnoses, evaluates and acts on behavioral, emotional, cognitive and mental changes. Thus, the objective of Psychology is to promote the psychic and relational well-being of Users.

The Psychologist works, whenever necessary, in close collaboration with Pediatricians, Child Psychiatrists, Neurologists and Psychiatrists.


Among other situations, you should seek the Psychologist when:

  • it is not possible to overcome traumatic situations experienced in the present or in the past;

  • if you have fears or phobias of various kinds;

  • if you suffer from anxiety;

  • if you suffer from irritability;

  • there are sleep disorders;

  • if you have learning difficulties and school failure;

  • if you have difficulty overcoming the loss of loved ones (bereavement);

  • if you have difficulty accepting separations (separated parents, termination of a relationship)

The Psychologist listens without judging.

Clinical staff


Dr. Ana Sofia Midões


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