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Nutrition is a Specialty that studies the  needs and eating disorders in order to promote well-being and/or correct eating errors in order to prevent illness.


Many of the diseases that affect humans are caused by incorrect food choices and sedentary lifestyles.

Child Nutrition also plays a key role in the development, quality of life and self-esteem of children and adolescents.

The Nutritionist is responsible for assessing nutritional status, planning and supervising meal plans.

Nutrition intervenes in problems such as:

  • overweight and obesity

  • weight deficit

  • imbalance correctionpanache

  • endocrine diseases (such as diabetes, for example)

  • cardiovascular diseases (such as hypertension, for example)

  • gastrointestinal diseases

  • oncological diseases

  • kidney diseases.

Clinical staff


Dr. Isabel Albuquerque


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