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Equipped with vast experience, Dr. Armando Reis graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Porto in 1975. He was a Hospital Assistant in Urology at Hospital Santo António and Hospital Maria Pia, both in Porto.

Specialist in Urology since  1987, Dr. Armando Reis joined the Pediatric Urology Service, a differentiating area of Urology to which he has been dedicated ever since. 

The Doctor. Armando Reis has been a Senior Graduate Assistant in Urology since 2002, and is currently the Physician in charge of the Pediatric Urology Unit at Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Porto (CMIN – Centro Materno Infantil do Norte).

This Doctor's work in the area of research is also of importance, having stood out as a speaker at multiple national and international sessions and with several publications in the area of Pediatric Urology. 

The Doctor. Armando Reis is a member of the Portuguese Association of Urology, the Portuguese Society of Andrology, the Portuguese Association of Neuro-Urology and Uro-Gynecology and the International Society of Pediatric Urology (SIUP).

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